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Current Price List

Customized Massage
Customized means I will use/apply every modality I've learned throughout my career in order to help you feel your best. 
30-minute Customized Massage
  • Single session - $37
60-minute Customized Massage
  • Single session - $65
90-minute Customized Massage
  • Single session - $95
120-minute Customized Massage
  • Single session - $125
Hawaiian Lomi Massage
90-minute sessions only, Hawaiian Lomi massage is one part of traditional native Hawaiian medicine. Lomi means to knead, to rub, or soothe; to work in and out with loving hands.
90-minute Lomi Massage
  • Single session - $105
Pregnancy Massage
Prenatal Massage is a specific modality for a mom-to-be. Designed to be a safe style of massage that will not cause undue stress and aid a pregnant woman's body in adjusting to all the changes occurring in her body.
60-minute Pregnancy Massage
  • Single session - $70
90-minute Pregnancy Massage
  • Single session - $100
Energy Work - Reiki Session
Reiki is based on the idea that everything & everyone has an energy flow. Sometimes we can get blockages that prevent that energy from moving through our bodies as it should & Reiki assists in getting that energy moving. This modality is not like a regular massage.
30-minute Reiki Session
  • Single session - $25
60-minute Reiki Session
  • Single session - $50
Couple's Massage Workshop    
$175 per couple

This class is approximately 3 hours long, it is a private class just for you and your loved one (just 1 couple at a time).

Learn about different types of massage, differences in lotions/oils, specific techniques, learn how to help your loved one without hurting your own hands! 

Both individuals will get the chance to be on the table receiving massage and both individuals will get the chance to be the Therapist working with me/learning how to give their significant other a great massage. 

(same rules apply - do not sexualize massage in my office)

Enter code RETSTU at checkout if you've taken the class before