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About Tranquility In Motion:

1. This business is not a walk in clinic. Please contact me via phone/text, my Facebook page or email, or use the online tools above to schedule your massage session, to purchase a massage or to ask any questions. 
2. If you are looking to make an appointment with Julia, please contact her (208)246-9775. It's her cell phone, so you can call &/or text. She is currently working on getting her online purchasing/scheduling set up to be similar to mine, and I will share that information when it's available. Please know that we are separate "businesses" within the same room so we have seperate prices, schedules, offers, deals, abilities, and techniques. 

3.  I use Square for my point-of-sale company (how I accept payments) as well as for my appointment book. Their program is cost-effective and allows me to accept credit/debit cards, as well as keep better financial records. Their awesome system also allows you as a client to schedule your own appointments, to reschedule, to cancel, and make purchases online very easily. As a 1 woman business, this helps me immensely. The majority of us now have smart phone's, which means you can get information literally at your fingertips & do more faster and/or easier with the same little device.

4. Booking an appointment online is extremely easy (pictures viewable in desktop format):

- Just click the link above (yellow button at top of page)
- Click "Book an Appointment"
- Choose 1 or more of the services (especially helpful if you are booking your birthday upgrade to select more than 1 item) and click continue on the bottom of the screen (mobile version is "next" in the upper right)
- Days that are already booked will show all grey, days that are available will be in blue lettering. Click on the day of your chosing, and time slots will show on the bottom of the screen based on the length of service you selected
- Click the time that works best for you. (Don't see a day/time that work for you, click the arrow at the top of the calender to go to the next month.)
- Then type in your name, phone number and email as well as any notes you want me to see (these notes coud be a gift certificate # or if you hurt in a certain area or any information that you think will be relevant to your massage session. I am the only one who will see this note.)

Square scheduling uses this contact info to send you a confirmation (via text message and email) that you did indeed book an appointment, it then sends reminder info 2 days before your appointment, it will also send changes about your appointment if I have to change something, as well as letting you know if I have had to cancel - all via text message and email. From either of those communications, you have the ability to cancel or reschedule your appointment (prior to 24-hours of the appointment).

If you get a text message and email, it's pretty redundant to also get a phone call. Which means, you will get notified of any and all changes through a text message and email - instead of me calling you (unless you have let me know that you do not have a texting phone). However, when I have to make changes to your appointment for whatever reason - I will always include a message as to why/what is going on. The emails give all the information without having to click on anything else. The text message says "view details at" and gives a link to click to see the message. (example picture viewable in desktop/computer format)

I pay for this service, so if this is not happening please let me know. Technical issues do happen, and the sooner I know about it the sooner I can get it fixed. If you click the address within the link, it will pull up Google Maps to show you exactly how to get to my office.

If you cannot make your appointment:
- If possible, use the link within the email or text to go to the online calendar where you can cancel or reschedule. 
- Email me, call/leave a voicemail, or text me making sure to tell me who you are. 
- My policy is 24 hours notice, However please know that I'm not unreasonable. I do understand that sometimes you or your kids wake up running a temperature. Or planes are delayed, accidents happen, or that some other kind of an emergency comes up, just like it can in my life. Please just try to be respectful and know that I can't rebook that time slot with another client with only minimal notice (meaning it's literally money out of my pocket). 

For those rare times that I have to cancel on you:
- You will get notified via a text message and/or email.
- I do try to give as much notice as possible, and I do understand that it is a big inconvenience to you.
- I know it's very frustrating to get a cancellation or change when you've made arrangements to get to your appointment, and you have probably been looking forward to it. I love Massage as much as you do, and I personally count down the minutes until my time on the table. 
- Please know (as a 1 woman business) that I do not get paid unless I am working, so missing work is something that is just as frustrating to me as it is to you not being able to get your massage.

5. At your first appointment, you will need to fill out some paperwork. It is asking relevant medical questions about your health history as well as having you sign my policies so I make sure you understand them. This is a requirement to get a massage at my business. Honestly, I am shocked by the amount of Massage facilities that don't ask for a medical history or really any information as Massage affects the entire body. For example, if you have high blood pressure (especially if it's not controlled through medication) and the therapist is not aware of it/doesn't adjust their techniques, it can literally cause you to have a stroke on the table or within a few hours of the massage. That's just a bad day for everyone. If you'd like to fill it out before you arrive, this paperwork is available on my website under "Forms".

6. You are expected to give feedback during each session as to comfort/discomfort levels.  Almost everything can be adjusted during your Massage session, but I cannot adjust anything if I don’t know you are uncomfortable. 

7. I will always give you feedback after your therapy session. What area's were found to be extremely tight, what area's might be causing the "issue", recommend stretches that can help keep you loose in-between massages, etc. These are all just suggestions, not diagnoses and not mandatory for you to do in any way.

8. Tips are always welcome and very much appreciated, but not required. It's a tip, meaning extra - you think I did a great job and want to give me extra.

I do understand that how I run my business is different from several other local Massage Businesses. I also understand that how I do things within my business may not be a right fit for every person in the Treasure Valley. I am sorry if it isn't, however it is what works for my busy life/schedule. 

I thank you for your business! I know you can go to one of the many other Massage businesses in the Treasure Valley, and I appreciate that you trust me to help you!