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Owner : Kylee Swetland
Certified and State Licensed Massage Therapist

"Holy awesome Massage Therapist!
I can look both ways before crossing the street now!"
                     says Kim of Eagle, ID

"Kylee has given me my life back! She has a gift for healing. Amazing technique and intuitive skill at finding the muscles at fault."
 says Kasey of Meridian, ID

 I  have been practicing since 2005 and an actual professional Certified Massage Therapist since February 2008.  I've been trained at schools in Indiana and Idaho in the following Massage modalities :
 - Swedish
- Deep Tissue
- Hot Stone
- Reiki
- TAT Therapy
- Myofacial release
Active Resistive Stretching or Passive Stretching
- Reflexology
- Kinesiology
- Aromatherapy
- Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
- Sports masssage
- Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage
- Trigger Point therapy
......and Lomi massage (which is a Hawaiian style of Massage Therapy) 
I am a recent college graduate (December of 2015) obtaining an Associate degree in Psychology.
Eventually, hopefully years down the road, my body will be done with performing massages, but I really do enjoy being a service to my comminuty. I do plan to complete my Bachelors degree in this field, which will allow me to be a counselor but am currently taking a needed break from college classes.  
I love doing Aromatherapy so I do not charge extra for this service. I know these oils work which helps me to do my job better and also makes for higher client satisfaction. I also do not charge for using Hot Towels, I absolutely hate it when I get nickle & dimed over every little thing so I won't do it to you. 
I do reserve the right to use or not use these on a per client basis. 

 Energy work is amazing and I love just how much this kind of work can help clients. It's an honor for me to use my gifts and knowledge to help my clients. It has worked in my personal life, which is what led me on the path to learn how to do this amazing work.
I believe EVERYONE should be able to get a massage, it is not just a pampering treat that is too expensive. It is something you need in order to function properly and get the most
out of your amazing bodies. I am reasonably priced and competitive with other local Massage Businesses so that you can afford a quality experience! 
Click the link above to schedule online today! 

"Kylee is an amazing massage THERAPIST! She helps me manage my headaches, fixes my pains, and keeps my stress levels in check. Thank you!!!"
       says Diane of Eagle, ID


"Kylee is the best massage therapist I have visited in my almost 30 years of using massage therapy. She listens and hones in on areas that need attention. I highly recommend her."
   says Cherie of Boise, ID  

"Excellent experience! Very knowledgeable of anatomy and physiology! Was the first massage I have had in a long time that was able to ease tension and pain in my very sore and over used shoulders after many surgeries. Will definitely see again, thank you!!"
     says Dennis of Boise, ID

"I'm not normally one to write reviews on places but I definitely owe this woman a fantastic review! I couldn't even stand up straight because my back, neck and legs were so knotted and painful, but in just 1 90 minute massage, she fixed them all. I've had hundreds of massages from all over the valley and none, literally none, were this amazing. I felt like a new man walking out of there. She is the best in the Valley!"
              says Floyd of Boise, ID

"Kylee knows her business. She quickly found my problems and worked them into submission. Can't wait for my next appointment. I've been to at least a dozen different massage therapists and finally found a winner!"
            says Mary of Kuna, ID

"Beautiful experience! Kylee has skills that are literally out of this world. I'm extremely grateful for the discovery."
   says Stacey of Boise, ID